What is Teachother?
Teachother is a Website that allow user to find the best way to learn new skills or aquire new knowledge. Teachother present a collection of lessons created by anyone who know the best way to learn a subject. Lessons are linked as prerequisites of one another. All these linked lessons create learning paths that help you find out where you should start and everything you have to learn to reach your goals.
What is the difference between Teachother and all the other online learning sites?
Teachother does not host any educational content. Teachother lessons only contain links to web pages, articles, videos or sites where you can buy books. Teachother groups and orders information in lessons so users can find the best way to learn what they want to learn and discover what they should already know before learning a new subject. In other words: find out where to start.
Do I have to create an account to use Teachother?
No. But creating an account will allow you to track everything you have learned.
What is a lesson?
A lesson is a list of activities you need to accomplish in order to learn a new subject or a new skill. Activities are links to educational material that are hosted on other Web sites, like articles, videos and books. A lesson will also present you a list of prerequisites which indicate the knowledge or skills you should possess before attempting to complete the lesson. The lessons are reviewed and commented by users of the site.
Why should I create a lesson in Teachother? What is my reward?
  1. Creating Lessons will help others by presenting them with a clear path of everything they should learn and by linking to the best content to learn on a subject.
  2. Are you an author or a Online course creator? Creating a lesson in Teachother, will help you drive visitors to your site, video, course or page where they can buy your book.
Why can't I unpublish my lesson?
When a lesson is published, it becomes available for anyone to study it or add it as a requirement to another lesson. Modifying or deleting a lesson after it is followed or used by other users would be frustrating to those users. That is why, in this case, you have the possibility to create a new revision of your lesson. When you publish the new revision, a message will be shown to users who consult previous revisions, informing them that a newer revision exists. The users will then be able to decide if they want to follow your new version or continue with the old one. If for some reason you absolutely need to modify the current version after it has been used, please contact us. We will deal with every request individually.
My lesson is published and is used by somebody. Can I make a small correction to it?
If for some reason you absolutely need to modify the current version after it has been used, please contact us. We sill deal with every request individually.
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